James was a tremendous influence and motivating force during a very difficult period in my life. He’s an entrepreneur and angel investor. He achieved the rank of chess master. He’s the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book “Choose Yourself.” AND, he started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed. But, he says, “I’ve learned a lot along the way.” Whew!

Aside from craigslist, Yahoo, and Apple not many websites created during the infancy of the World Wide Web are still around. Here’s one that still exists from that era, and it hasn’t changed one bit since it went online in 1995.

Take trip back in time for a retro look at Brooklyn, New York, cradle of tough guys and Nobel laureates, fourth largest city in the United States, proof of the power of marginality, and homeland of America’s most creative diasporic culture.

Rob Lordan, author, award winning blogger, qualified London tour guide, and all over enthusiast about the city also wrote The Knowledge: Train Your Brain Like a Cabbie. If you want to drive a cab in London you must take what is often considered the world’s hardest exam. You’ll learn every street, turning and waypoint along 320 different routes across London, along with every landmark within 1/4 of a mile of the start and end of each route: a total of 25,000 streets and 2,000 places of interest. Learning The Knowledge takes years, and dozens of appearances at grueling oral exams.

At a time when people were trying to figure websites out Apple’s site was both flashy design and a clunky interface. It was just another component of the company’s product line, designed to achieve a marketing goal. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Steve Jobs returned as “interim” CEO. He announced, with Bill Gates, a five-year contract with Microsoft that would release an updated Mac version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft’s $150 million investment in Apple.

Today, Apple has the 8th most popular website in the world as ranked by ComScore. Take a look at 27 years of website design history.

Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate impressions of cities, skylines and street scenes after having only observed them briefly. He was awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to the art world in 2006. His drawings are popular all over the world, and are held in a number of important art collections and museums.

Stephen started drawing at the age of five and sold his first work to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the age of eight. Sir Hugh Casson, President of London’s Royal Academy of Art, referred to him as the best child artist in Britain. Stephen has since travelled the world and exhibited on every continent with record attendances. He continues to draw every day and his motto is “Do the best you can and never stop.”

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